De Gekke Geit

De Gekke Geit, Lutherse Burgwal 5, The Hague

After pulling off one of the most audacious diamond heists in recent memory, the three members of the gang decided they’d better lay low until the heat blew over. They sensibly decided that the best way to avoid any public attention or interest was to form a jazz trio.

Guitarist Chris “Big Brain” Bestwick wrote a set of tunes so original that the heirs of Marvin Gaye decided not to sue. Terry “Fingers” Knight thought the drums looked the easiest and Andreas “The Cat” Schmitz decided that, as he had no car of his own, the double bass was the obvious choice for him.

Following recent attempts to infiltrate the gang by the insurance company's attractive private investigator, it’s vital that this gig is heavily attended in order to maintain their cover. Please come along to help keep these charming rogues in, and not behind, bars.

In the interests of getting a big crowd the thousandth person through the door will get a free diamond.*

*Prison terms and conditions apply